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We offer two advertising programs:

1. Annual Exposure Program For Your Web Site - our most popular program, the program all our customers have. Annual Exposure Services For Tourism Web Sites (non banner) $600 per year.

2. Banner And Classified Ads - for those who want a competitive edge, who want to "stand out" in the crowd. Find out as little or as much as you want about our banners and classifieds below. $125 per classified ad per year, $475 per banner ad per year - both come with a minimum click guarantee.

Customer Ads On 2Cooleys Home Pages Receive A Combined Average of 41,695 Clicks Per Year - A Combined Average of 3,474 Clicks Per Month. It Only Takes One Or Two Bookings To Pay For The Ad.

Our Banner Ads Work!

Our Guarantee - All 2Cooleys ads run for one year. All ads come with a guaranteed minimum number of clicks. If your ads have not received the guaranteed clicks by the end of that one year run time, they run for as long as one more year until they have received the guaranteed number of clicks. Most ads receive their minimum clicks within four to six months. Most ads get well past the minimum. The minimum click number allows most advertisers to get at least three times their money back. Here's how.

Your Return - Page top ad spots average 250 clicks for every 25,000 views (one percent click rate). Two to three of those 250 clicks will book. If your average booking value is $500, gross sales will be $1,000 to $1,500 for every 250 clicks. Ad prices run $125 to $475 each for our annual exposure services customers, and $100 each more for non-exposure services customers. Our banner ads have worked well for many years this way.

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Banner Ad Program Summary

Ads & Ad Click Counting - You buy an Ad Spot in which your Ad is run. You can run multiple ads in the same spot. The Ad Spot always contains Ads for only your business. You can buy multiple Ad Spots and run the same Ads in those Ad Spots, or run different Ads in different Ad Spots. Each Ad is given a unique tracking code. Your web traffic reporting (analytics) program will show you how many clicks your ads are getting.

Ad Design - Over the last 19 years we have designed well over 500 banner ads. We track which ads work and which do not. After 17 years we have a very good idea of what works and what does not in ad design. Still, even with all that experience, it takes a team effort between us and our customer to produce a good design. Design costs are not expensive. We include one design per each Ad Spot you purchase.

Yes, They Work - Our banner and classified ads do work. Many of our ad customers have been with us for well over 10 years, several for over 5 years. They renew every year because they see the results very clearly in their traffic reports.

What Exactly Does "Work" Mean - The function of any ad, be it a billboard, a print ad, or a banner ad, is to create awareness. Ads in themselves do not do the "selling". All they do is get your phone to ring. After that the selling is up to you. The purpose of a banner ad is NOT to "sell", but to lead the reader to your web site, which is what does the selling. If a banner gets a lot of clicks, but the phone does not ring, and bookings do not increase, that is not an indication that the banner is not working. It is an indication that either your web site is not designed right, or that what you offer does not have the value perception people expect. If you get a lot of banner clicks, but see no increase in business, that means you have problems in other areas. Thus to say whether or not a banner works depends on factors beyond the banner itself. So again, all the banner does, if it is "working right" is put people into your web site.